Discovery Creative

Photo Services

If a picture is worth a thousand words then we’ve commissioned, managed, acquired, licensed, negotiated rights for and photographed over one billion of them for Discovery. Our mission: to find the best photographic solution for every creative project. Need a photographer to hang out the back of a WWII bomber and get a close-up of a plane flying behind it? No problem. Want a night shot of lions in Botswana with no artificial lights? You got it. Need access to over 48,000 royalty-free images in perpetuity for free? Done. How about rights clearance to use the Hollywood sign? We’ll get it. In fact, if you need any of the stuff below, we’re your people.

Things we do:

  • Photo shoots: production, advertising and event photography
  • Price negotiations
  • Stock photo searches
  • Model and property release clearance for images
  • Producer-delivered stills
  • Project management
  • Talent management approvals

We also:

  • Maintain, distribute and grow our imagery and logos in the Virtual Library for Discovery users and their partners worldwide ( and in Media Manager for royalty-free images (
  • Provide photo assets to Discovery’s websites
  • Manage costs and leverage Discovery’s photo assets using several bulk buying agreements with vendors
  • Generate revenue with third-party licensing of Foott Collection and other wholly owned image assets through Getty Images