Discovery Creative

Broadcast Production

We know that when a creative team looks good, we look good, so we can assist with every facet of your production. Internally we’re a connection between the Network Marketing Groups, Production Management Department, Finance, Legal and Discovery Production Group. Externally we have a black belt in negotiating with vendors. Plus, we’re equipped to take on projects and produce them from lights to camera to action. Check out our three specialized teams that live and breathe this stuff:

Project Management

For a production to take flight, you need these legal eagles making sure every ‘t’ is crossed and ‘i’ dotted. This group helps you:

  • Draft contracts for our vendors
  • Supervise original and popular music licensing
  • Negotiate and administer music library and preferred vendor contracts
  • Administer financial/invoice coding
  • Track releases and clearance agreements
  • Manage eDocs document retrieval system

Production Management

When it comes to production, this team is all business, freeing up producers to do more creating, less number crunching. This team:

  • Works with producers to create estimates
  • Handles financial matters with production companies on stuff like bidding and overages
  • Assists Project Managers in prepping contracts
  • Checks vendor invoices and approves payments
  • Tracks production spending