Discovery Creative

Account Management

Every job begins with us. We’re part Sherpa, part Shiva and, sometimes, part shrink. Like Sherpas, we are equipped to lead and ensure that our teams have all the gear to reach the top. Pushing and encouraging, we keep your project safe and secure. Others may rest at the summit. We double back to ensure that nothing has been forgotten. And like the many-limbed Shiva, we juggle multiple projects, deadlines – and sometimes personalities. We’re there to listen, take the blows and talk the creatives off the ledge.

But the best part? We go both ways. (No, not that way!) More like advocates for both the client and the creative team.

What we bring:

  • Solution oriented leaders who manage the full scope of advertising – print, online, broadcast and collateral
  • Innovative thinkers, with an eye toward the latest trends and marketing tactics for our clients
  • Strategic thinkers who manage budgets, communication flow and schedules
  • Keepers of the brand, collaborating with clients, creative, photo and production to ensure synchronized campaigns
  • Interpreters – of research, media and corporate speak